About Us

Arizona Assisted Living Homes Association (AALHA) is a non-profit membership organization for assisted living home owners in Arizona; along with provider of products and services for our members. We also help families seeking elder care services or assisted living options for a loved one residing in Arizona.

Assisted Living has become the preferred, and fastest growing Long Term Care options for Eldercare, boasting more then 36,000 communities nationwide. For many people, exploring Long Term Care options can be confusing and overwhelming. AALHA is a valuable tool and resource for those seeking information and guidance.

AALHA Member Providers must maintain current licenses and certification issued by the Arizona Department of Health Services, and must adhere to the highest standards of safety and care. Our care home observe fair and honest business practices. Our Member’s Assisted Living Homs are owned, operated and staffed by experienced, well trained Eldercare professionals with big hearts. Your loved one will be welcomed into AALHA Homes, and treated like family. After all, a Care Home is a family.